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Experience the
MusicEDU Suite for FREE
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The 5 curriculum programs
transforming music education.

Ready-made music curriculum

that is so on-trend with students, it’s Friday afternoon,

Designed for students

from Grades 5 to 10, MusicEDU simplifies the latest music industry topics & trends (like music for games, beat-making, film & soundtrack, and DJing), and enables teachers to seamlessly integrate them into the music classroom.

Mapped to State and Federal Curriculum Standards,

MusicEDU makes teaching music in the digital world an authentic and headache-free experience.

Our mission:

To give every student the opportunity to engage in, and love learning music.

MusicEDU makes teaching music in this fast-changing, digital world easier, more accessible, and enjoyable for teachers. We provide progressive and engaging content to immerse students in the love of learning music, and give them the tools and knowledge they need for a successful future in a modern world.

We’re for students.
We’re for teachers.
We’re for the future.

Why MusicEDU?

12 years, 5 countries, and over 180,000 students later, we look back on our humble beginnings and know that we’ve only just begun.

Supporting music teachers
The answer to music teacher burnout! MusicEDU gives teachers their valuable time back, saving up to 400 hours every year in lesson planning, admin, and grading.

Increasing elective numbers
Our programs are designed to increase and retain students in music classes. Subscribing schools typically report an increase of up to 118%. 

Future ready
As pioneers in blended learning, MusicEDU provides progressive and engaging music curriculum to give students what they need for a successful future in this modern world.

“Music education is so ambiguous in America and so many teachers complain about middle school music curriculum. They just don’t know what to do with the middle schoolers.

But with MusicEDU, I was like, this is incredible to me. I think it’s game-changing!”

Angela Monke
Carlisle Public School – Massachusetts (USA)

Free Instant Access

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Got Access! Now What?

Month 1

Get your participating classes up and running with The MusicEDU Suite.  

We’ll send you a customised proposal with future subscription options.

Month 2

Join a Zoom chat with MusicEDU and let us know how your school is tracking with The Suite.

We’ll also discuss funding/financing options for your school.

Month 3

If you love the MusicEDU Suite as much as we do, let us know and we’ll get your subscription sorted.

At the end of the quarter, we’ll ask for your feedback on your free trial period.

Free Trial FAQ’s

Free Trial – Terms & Conditions

  • The trial is run on a quarterly basis, eg January – March, April – June, etc.
  • For current quarter applications, Teacher Login Credentials will be sent upon MusicEDU’s receipt of this Confirmation. Login Credentials will be provided closer to your Trial start date if you apply for a future quarter.
  • Schools are encouraged to implement The MusicEDU Suite with their students during the Free Trial
  • This is a no-obligation, free trial. It does not require any money or credit card information up front. There is no obligation to continue with a paid subscription following the MusicEDU Free Trial (however, we’d love your feedback).
  • A proposal and quote will be provided to the School/District during the Free Trial, outlining subscription options and funding support.

As part of your no-obligation free trial of the MusicEDU Suite, you get access to…. everything! You will have the chance to explore all our curriculum programs to choose your own learning adventures.

We would love you to subscribe after the trial. However, you are under no obligation to do so.

The trial does not cost the school anything. This is our opportunity to show you the MusicEDU Suite and for you to implement one or two…(or more!) program sessions with your students to determine if you would like to subscribe. 


Every school implements music differently. Whether your students do music for a term, semester, or year, we can cater to your requirements. Our team will create a customised school proposal for you, so you know the potential subscription options available to your Music Department. In the meantime, you can see our subscription pricing page HERE.

We understand how time-poor music teachers really are, it’s one of the reasons we are so passionate about the MusicEDU Suite. Time is precious. We also know schools and Music Departments are under pressure when it comes to gear, software and budgets. 


Since the MusicEDU Suite is digital curriculum, it’s likely there are different budgets and funding options (other than the music budget) that can be accessed so your subscription can be implemented in a long-term, sustainable way. 


A meeting with music, finance and learning/curriculum will determine the best options from your schools perspective as well as clear timelines for the subscription, should you wish to continue following your trial.

Each eligible school may receive one free trial of the MusicEDU Suite. After this trial period (one Quarter school year) a school cannot enter a second trial period. If you have been approved for a trial term and do not move forward with the trial, you may apply again. However, it’s likely you will be moved to a waitlist behind schools who haven’t had the opportunity to have a trial term before. 

Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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