Welcome to the MusicEDU Shop. Our goal is to optimise the experience of teachers and students learning music in the classroom (and absolutely loving it!). We are a boutique store offering hardware and software solutions at a competitive price to major retailers.

You will notice something that sets us apart from the rest…

Our team recognise there is a huge inventory of products in music technology, and sometimes too much choice is not a good thing. No one enjoys wading through research and information for hundreds of products, in fear of experiencing buyers remorse, yet you need a solution…now!

Our team have done the research for you, tried and tested the products we display, so we know how each one works to provide a guarantee that they will stand up to the pressures of the classroom.

The MusicEDU Shop Team then handpick and create a variety of packs for different price points and goals so you can now have peace of mind to shop with confidence that you are getting the correct solution for your needs.

We hope you have a great time in The MusicEDU Shop. If you need any assistance, please reach out to us. Have a great day and happy shopping!